“Will you be my … mistress?” February 13 is Mistress Day

I’m not a fan of Valentines Day. There, I said it. Sure it’s nice to receive flowers or some token of affection. Which girl wouldn’t like that? But if you need a special day to remind you, a day that has been set by someone else without any significance for your relationship and then buy gifts because everybody else is doing it – sorry, don’t bother. There is also something about being manipulated by the flower and gift industry guilt-tripping people into substituting real affection for “stuff”.

Mistress Day banner for Ashley MadisonApparently they have found a new way to make suckers lovebirds part with their money: February 13, Mistress Day, the day to wine and dine your secret flame.

I always thought that was just a funny invention by Ashley Madison, who promote this… affair every year. But no, it’s actually as “real” as Valentine’s Day as a mandatory gift-giving occasion for the other significant other and celebrated all over the world.

NBC New York writes many “restaurants traditionally get an as good or bigger bump from that night”. Probably because more often than not the mistress gets the lobster while the missus gets the fish sticks. CNN Shanghai also offers a long list of suggestions for where to go on Mistress Day to avoid getting caught in that sin city of the East.

You probably won’t find Hallmark cards with Mistress Day themes any time soon, but I can see how this makes sense. Lots of guys, unable to give their secret sweetie all the same privileges as their wife, will compensate with more lavish spending. And hell yeah, if I ran a fancy restaurant, I wouldn’t let the money burn a hole in their pockets.

What do you think of Mistress Day?

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