It's ok to feel this way, you are not alone. More and more women are discovering their desires and ways to get satisfaction. You too deserve it, you've earned it, you're worth it!

A little fling on the side may just be the right thing for you. Although the topic is often demonized, an affair does not have to damage your relationship and may even strengthen it. If you handle it right, you may find it invigorating, making you a happier person. You may feel like a little girl again with butterflies in your stomach. And you may bring some of that energy back home making you more attractive even to your husband.

What is the right way?

Most women "stumble" into affairs completely unprepared. It happens at the workplace, the gym, your kid's school. Everybody there knows you and after a while people can probably tell what's going on. Don't be that person, it's too dangerous.

The internet offers a much safer alternative with several sites catering specifically to women like you. Everybody there is in the same boat and you can easily find an attractive man outside of your current social circles.

Here we reviewed some of those sites. Save your time and let L' help you tell the good ones from the bad! Initial signup for all sites is free, no credit card required. Post as much or as little info about yourself as you feel comfortable and take your time to explore what each site has to offer! You may even find it worthwhile to sign up to multiple sites to increase your choices.


Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison screenshot Ashley Madison has the largest user base of people specifically looking to have an affair, so you will be much more likely to find a good match for your little dalliances. The site has gained a certain mainstream popularity after being featured on Oprah, Larry King, the Tyra Banks Show and others. There is even a book about Ashley Madison and its users, head to the Shop section if you're interested. That means the site is here to stay, it's professionally operated and there's a constant flow of new people trying it out.

Largest member base. Several advanced features designed explicitly for people wanting to find a partner for a discreet adventure, which sets Ashley Madison apart from most regular dating sites. This includes a private picture showcase, certain communication tools, personal limits and even the payment structure.

The strange frame set layout can make navigation difficult, especially if you use a lot of tabbed browsing, and can also make your Back button work incorrectly sometimes.


Married Date Link

Married Date Link screenshot Married Date Link is part of the larger Date Link network, which serves many different niches. This means they have a relatively large member base, but many of them are not necessarily looking for a discreet affair. You will generally find a much more explicit tone as members who signed up at other Date Link sites are often simply after NSA (no strings attached) hookups.

The site is completely free for women.

The site is strongly catering to men and some features will be irrelevant to you. For example, video chat links to professional "cam girls", not male members.


Married Secrets

Married Secrets screenshot Married Secrets is one of the sites that have been around for a while but never managed to catch on the same way Ashley Madison did. I cannot really recommend it mainly because there are simply too few members on the site. Chances to find a good match around your town are slim, especially if you don't live in a major metropolis. In addition there are several errors and rough edges that make the site awkward to use at times.

Hmmm... most features are free for women.

Too few memebers, comes across unpolished with errors, can't search by picture.