Married Date Link Exposed – Full Review

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Married Date Link is a strange beast. I’ve had an account there for several months and although I mostly use Ashley Madison now, I still keep it around. A dud for men, but for women – there are a few things you need to be aware of and depending on what those things mean to you, Married Date Link may or may not be a good choice for you.

First of all, Married Date Link really is not just one site. It’s one puppy of a huge family. This company runs a long list of other “niche sites” like Divorced Date Link, Lonely Wives Date Link or even Biker Date Link that vary no more than in the picture on the homepage. Think 101 Dalmatians. They’re basically all the same except that the spots are in a different place. The keen observer that you are, you already noticed the sites are not strictly focussed on having an affair for married people. And the problem – or oppor­tu­ni­ty – is that the user database is shared across all those sites. So if you sign up at Married Date Link, and you’re an Asian lady, you will also show up at Asian Date Link. In fact, your log-in works across all of their sites. Let’s see what that leads to:

  1. Members
  2. Profile
  3. Search
  4. Messaging
  5. Other Features
  6. Costs

Members: 4/5

The good news is that all those niche sites combined make for a quite substantial supply of willing men. “Willing” being key as the nature of most of the sites is much more explicit than, say, Ashley Madison. Some numbers:

In all the large cities, there are over 1000 total guys in each of the age groups I looked at and from each group about 100 had checked in within the last 24 hours. More than enough for even the most insatiable femme fatale among you! But remember that many of them did not necessarily sign up at Married Date Link, so it looks quite different if you’re really only out for other attached people. While total married members per city and age group were still in the upper hundreds, I typically found less than 30 married men that were active within the last day in each group.

I already mentioned the more explicit nature. No surprise since many other Datelink sites are strongly “hook up tonight”-themed. Cougar Date Link, Big Boob Date Link, or One Night Date Link anyone? And dogs being dogs – I mean, men being men, those sites seem to pull in the most male traffic. Very few members are aware of this little secret I just let you in on – they don’t even know about the existence of the other sites, let alone the shared member base behind the scenes. So everybody assumes that they are talking to another member of “their” site, e.g. a cougar or a girl looking for one-night stands. What do you expect the tone to be like?

You’ll find more naked flesh in profile pictures, and messages like

please send me some pictures and lets do it ok??

are quite common. Now, if you are into something purely sexual, no strings attached, or you just wanna re-live the booty calls from your college years, Married Date Link is a great site. If you’re looking for something more subtle or an affair that lasts longer than a night, you can still find a good partner, but you may have to try a bit harder. There are many more men than women, so your competition is lower and among the many guys are still plenty of fine Romeos.

Profile: 3/5

A profile page on Married DatelinkAnother result of catering to many niches at the same time is that the profiles need to be much more detailed. Where e.g. Ashley Madison’s profile setup is somewhat limited to op­tions most relevant to married people looking for an affair, Married Date Link offers a very com­pre­hen­sive set of attributes for both your­self as well as for the guy (or girl?) you expect. On top of that you have a personality section with choices like ideal place to live, fashion sense or what to do with free time. My fave: “If I had $1000 dollars to blow, I would buy…” Yeah, probably a flight ticket, but I won’t tell you where… :-)

To flaunt those sizzling glam shots of yours, you can of course assign one as your profile picture, but also create a public and as “backstage” gallery. Putting pictures in the public gallery will activate the “See More Photos” button on your profile and the backstage gallery can be accessed through the “Request Photo” button. Only guys who you granted this request will be able to see your backstage pictures. This is a bit more flexible than Ashley Madison’s solution as you can leave your main profile picture blank but still have public photos in your gallery. Not sure why you’d wanna do that, but I see it by quite a few guys. Maybe to prevent the wrong eyes from catching them too easily on a search result list?

One annoying bug in the “Describing myself” section: It does not show line breaks. So if you write more than a few lines, it all turns into one big blob of text, no paragraphs. Also, you cannot change your zip code or age after you signed up. Set in stone. While that kind of makes sense for your birthday, what if you move? Tough luck! Another issue is what’s not there. Don’t you think that one of the most important things to help keep track of who you’re looking at is… the user name? Married Date Link doesn’t and so the nickname is nowhere to be found on the profile. You better remember who you clicked on! Instead they tell you how often the profile was viewed. Yeah, thanks, very helpful! Smiley

Search: 3.5/5

The counterpart to the elaborate profile setup are elaborate search options. Besides the simple Quick Search by age and distance, you can do a Detailed Search across any of the many profile attributes including the personality section, a keyword search, user name search and there is a two-way match that finds men who match what you filled in your profile as your expectations and who in turn are looking for girls like you.

List of saved searches on Married Date LinkVery handy with all the options is the feature to save searches. Select your 800 (kidding!) most important criteria a man must meet, and save the settings as “Incredible Hunks” or “Fat Sugar Daddies”. Especially useful since the regular Detailed Search form resets with every search. You can even subscribe to a saved search by email and you’ll be notified about new dudes who match.

The zip code issue becomes more bothersome here because all searches center around a certain distance from your profile zip. You can select the distance, but not the location. So if you’re planning a trip somewhere, you’re truly out of luck – no Traveling Man here! With all the many other search options, I can’t believe they left this out.

The result list (see screen shot on top) looks a bit like something out of the Internet stone age (the 90′s), but is acceptable. Married Datelink face icon in search results indicates more picturesYou’ll see this 3-faces icon on many listings and it indicates that the guy has more pictures on his profile either in his public or private gallery. This dude here had public gallery photos but no profile picture as explained earlier. One beef I had with it was that, similar to Ashley Madison, you can’t right-click and open multiple profiles in tabs. Click, go back, click another one… Like I said, the 90′s are calling.

Messaging: 1/5

Here’s another secret of how Married Date Link operates. This is what your inbox is going to look like shortly after you signed up:Married Date Link inbox shows auto-generated messages See all the emails that are Replies to an earlier email from me? Hello? Do you really think I messaged a bunch of dudes with the exact same subject line? Of course not. The site did it for me. Without asking. They took my profile tag line as subject and my “Describing myself” section as main text and emailed it to a bunch of guys.

Now you have a swarm of puppies all wagging their tails that a woman actually emailed them first who won’t understand why they never hear back again. No wonder, after calling out some dude on a rude message, I got this response:

Ooops , my bad …. youre the first real person Ive heard from on this site . Sorry for being flip …. I had just read through about 10 fake responses and was frustrated …. can we start over ?

I find this pretty lame, and frankly, I can’t rule out that they actually do use entirely fake female profiles to lure guys into paying.

Then again, there seems to be only one wave of such automatic introductions on your behalf, and it’s certainly more annoying to the guys than to you, so let’s move on. The messaging system itself also has issues:

It can’t handle apostrophes. You may have noticed in the quotes above, “you’re” turns into “youre” and “let’s” into “lets”. Those were not typos, the message system swallows them.

Married Date Link sender name in inbox not linkedThere is no link to the sender’s profile when reading a message. You can see who the message is from, but the name is not linked, so you can’t check out the guy. You have to go back to the Inbox, find the email in the list and then you can click on the sender name from there. Cum­ber­some especially when the emails all have the same subject.

No message history. Other than at Ashley Madison, you can’t see your prior emails with a guy when reading or replying to a message. Not all is lost though – you can at least re-sort your inbox by sender, but you still have to open each message separately.

On the upside, messages stay longer – for 30 days. And you can open multiple messages at once in separate tabs.

One more issue are the photo requests. When someone requests your backstage gallery, you’re not notified of the request. On one hand, it’s good that it doesn’t clutter up your mailbox as at Ashley Madison. On the other hand, you most likely will never see the request because you have to click on My Photos, then Gallery Request every time just to check and most people don’t do that.

See anything missing? Winks? Pokes? Nudges? Nada. Not that I miss that feature much, but some do. Too bad. Married Date Link doesn’t have it.

Other Features: 1/5

Married Date Link video chat external pay siteHere’s the third secret: Married Date Link advertises “Live Video and Audio Chat 24/7″, sounds great right? Find Mr. Knock-Me-Off-My-Feet, start talking right away! And if he has a webcam, you can check him out in person or even get into some cyber action? Right?? Far from it!

The “Live Chat” is nothing but a link to a professional cam girl site. Meaning you get paid girls – yes girls, no guys – stripping in front of a camera. You can tell them what to do but you’ll have to create a new login and pay separately for it. For me about as useful as penis extenders.

Oh, what did you just say? Well, there is also a Sexy Links section, supposedly with handy resources for online daters. Hmm… handy only if you’re in the market for … wait for it … penis extenders! Hey girls, any takers? Yeah, I think that’s the sound of crickets chirping.

One useful feature that no other site has is a discussion forum where you can actually chat with other members. Be warned though, the tone is kind of childish.

Costs: 5/5

So here’s the best part. Married Date Link is completely free for women. You can use all features (except the video chat) and never pay a dime. Be aware though that that’s not true for men. The poor chaps can’t even see your profile without paying. Yes, even if you message a guy, he can read your email, but he can’t check you out until he paid. And of course, they need to pay to send messages to anyone, including replies.

Payment works in a traditional membership model. As long as the subscription is paid, all features are open without any further fees. The options for men are:

1 month $29.86
3 months $49.72 (= $16.57/month)
1 year $99.44 (= $8.27/month)

I usually don’t like such imbalance as it gives power away. As a modern woman, I can pay for my own stuff – thank you very much – including my dating. But it’s hard to argue with free, so I give it 5 points.

Overall, Married Date Link makes a bit of a sleazy impression on a girl as it’s clearly focused on horny men and getting them to pay with dirty tricks. Hence the “exposed”. However if you’re aware of the caveats, the abundance of guys and the low competition from other girls make it a decent second choice. At the end, it’s the members that count, not so much the features of the site.

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8 Responses to “Married Date Link Exposed – Full Review”

  1. noah fence says:

    I can not seem to find the option to cancel this account can you tell me how thanks

  2. bud6999 says:

    I also can’t seem to cancel or get a response from the site. I have sent numerous e mails trying to cancel no response and account still there. Can’t erase picture or anything else

    If you are interested in joining this site think twice.

  3. Sharky says:

    Same issue here.

    No option to delete/cancel account. It seems like a scam to me.

  4. Just hide your profile, simple as that. I did notice though you can’t disappear your acct. Don’t know why ?Has any body else had their fare share of e-mails from Africa, Malaysia?

  5. Doug Cutler says:

    I am a free male member and have not got any phoney profiles.
    That is because a lot of the women there give out contact info.
    I have talked to some from Asia that are looking for Mr. right or a plane ticket to the US.They must be from one of those sister sites because they ask why am I on a dating site. And I ask why are they on a site that is for married men looking for extra.
    my handle there is doogy1one

  6. Tom says:

    I have an unpaid OneNightDateLink account. I’ve gotten hundreds of auto-generated emails on the system. You can actually read the emails if you screenshot them and change the contrast in a photo editor. Turns out, lots of the female accounts are not real, but taken from other sites like The site also does not filter email addresses and phone numbers, either in the body or in the message subject. Of all the people I’ve contacted through those addresses, most have been Nigerian/Ghanan scammers, but a couple have been cam girls trying to get business over to their own site for a “private.”

  7. Tom says:

    These sites have purchased databases of profiles — you can do it too if you want to create your own dating site e.g. — and the system sends these fake/purchased profiles to men as both emails and instant texts. I’ve verified this with one woman whose profile was sent to me through their system. The date links sites real-contact-info filtering is so bad, users can slip their outside email addresses and cell phone numbers into their profile in various places and have it visible (this includes the grayed-out messages if you haven’t paid for a membership — enlarge your browser screen and you can read it). This has led to a lot of romance scammers from Ghana and Nigeria to use the site to find their next “mugu.” Careful. There are also, but to a lesser degree, a number of cam-girls and pros that use the site to try to lure in new clients.

  8. vandrak says:

    I am a guy who was lured into joining. I am commenting to correct an error in this story. Non paying guys can NOT read a message from you. Can only read subject line

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