Hi, I’m Michelle Young and moved to the US about 11 years ago from Europe. Came for school, stayed for love. I now live in Kansas City and am married to a wonderful husband with whom I have a semi-open relationship. This may sound shocking to some, but it works out better than I ever thought for both of us.

What does semi-open mean? Mainly “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. 99% of the time we are a couple like any other. But both my husband and I travel occasionally for work and, know­ing men, I have no illusion that he won’t be tempted by the occasional “acquaint­ance” far from home. Why? Because the same applies to me. I’m in my prime years, maybe I married a bit too early, and there are times when I wonder what I may have missed out on earlier when most of my girl friends where still partying and dating around.

So, while hubby will always be my favorite dish, sometimes I just wanna have a little taste of a different fare. There are a few important ground rules that we have laid out to make this work though:

  • Protection is a Must! Absolutely no excuses, no exceptions.
  • Nobody from within 50 miles from home. Neither of us wants to become gossip fodder in our own city or create awkward situations.
  • No hanky-panky in our house. Our home is OUR castle.
  • Regular health check-ups.
  • Like I said – don’t ask, don’t tell. Whatever happened on a trip, I don’t wanna know about it. Ignorance is bliss.

We came to this arrangement after an affair was discovered – by both of us. But we realized that it didn’t diminish our love for each other and that it wasn’t the end of the world. We also realized that flings like that can happen again and then trying to hide things and lie about them would only make it worse. So after some long and open discussions, we agreed on this deal.

Strangely, keeping the leash quite long has held us together more than anything. It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true. My husband loves that he got a bargain that he could probably not get from any other woman and it makes me feel strong, confident and sometimes quite reinvigorated. ;-)

I use this site now to write about my impressions of various “have an affair” dating websites I’ve been using, tips and tricks I found, and also to chronicle some of my adventures and experiences with guys. How does this fit in with don’t ask, don’t tell? Ok smarty-pants, Michelle is a pen name. And I’m not sure yet how detailed really the latter part will be. We’ll see what I feel comfortable with.

Also a disclaimer: I do make some money from this site. Obviously when you order items from the L’Affair Store, and I may also get some commission from advertising or links to services. So please check out the three sections in the shop: “Read” books about affairs , “Watch” movies with women having affairs, and “Play” with some high-quality sex toys. It motivates me to keep writing, thanks!


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  1. LoveXpert says:

    Love the site, great info for men (& women) like me! Just curious if you plan to keep updating it with new content or not!


  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks, glad you like it! :-)
    Yes, I will keep updating it, but it’s a side project for me, a hobby, so probably only about once a month. I have another review ready in a few days.

  3. AJ says:

    Great site, thanks for all the fine tips. Keep up the good work!

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